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2004 Saturn Vue


Saturn Vue

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  • Performed a engine scan diagnosis & inspection – Found codes: P2101 – Throttle actuator control motor circuit range P2176 – Throttle actuator system – Idle not learned Attempted to perform a re-learn – Did not accept. Recommend throttle body replacement. During process of dis-assembly – Found a rodent had gotten into the air filter box and chewed through the air filter – pieces of the air filter got sucked up into the throttle body butterfly and caused it to stick open – (Thus not allowing the re-learn) Removed throttle body – Cleaned throttle body & intake plenum. Reassembled & performed throttle re-learn. Learn was accepted. Performed test drive – No other issues found at this time.
Mike J. gave our service a 5 star review on 5/24/2020
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