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2008 Buick LaCrosse


Buick LaCrosse

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Missouri Vehicle Inspection
  • Remove two (2) wheels- (LF) – (RR) remove old tires and install new tires. Balance wheel assembly and reinstall wheels.
  • TIRE PRESSURE SENSOR – Remove & Replace (RR) – All Applicable Models – [Includes: Sensor Location ID learn procedure.]
  • Tire Disposal
  • Tire Tax
Ernest B. gave our service a 5 star review on 6/27/2020
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2011 Buick LaCrosse


Buick LaCrosse

Service Date
Services Performed
  • -Check vent temperature for proper cooling -Inspect all A/C hoses and lines -Inspect drive belt tension (if needed) -Check proper operations of controls, blower motor, cooling fan (engine) -Inspect for proper freon level Confirmed system was low on charge. Recommend A/C service. Recovered system – 0.17 lbs System holds – 1.5 lbs Passed leak test – Filled will full charge. Still blowing warm air – Found AC compressor is not pulling down on the low side. (110 psi) AC compressor is bad – Recommend replacement of compressor, dryer, & expansion valve. Customer declined any further repairs at this time.
Darrick B. gave our service a 5 star review on 6/18/2020
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